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Grieving passengers pay tribute to one of the seven elephants killed by a train in India

rip :(


When my alarm goes off in the morning


“Mos Def said this to me;
‘Andre 3000 is so good, that no one mentions him as an emcee. Cause he’s that good’.
It’s like, who’s the best emcee? Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, who? Somebody says Andre 3000, it’s like, oh yea yea, well of course him. Like it’s not even mentioned, like that’s just a given.”
-Talib Kweli 


a filipino b-girl with style rising from our nation's capital who enjoys harry potter, sunny days, palm trees, boba, bboy practice, shopping, and anything that makes her laugh

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Patience. Perseverance. Persistence. Future Shock 2011-2012
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